Never say goodbye, because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting

Wrote this a bit over a week ago, just after Luise hade gone home. I couldn't, and didn't want to eiher, publish it until now.
These past couple of days have been a bit weird since a fellow bro pair went home. I think we all wanted to give Luise the best send off possible, to make her most recent memories of the US happy. To remember the whole experience for the happiess and joy it brought, not the though days when none of us want to get out of bed. 
Luise, I know that I definitely speak for all of us that you will be missed. Starbucks on Tuesdays will be a little less fun without your voice blended in with the rest. There's gonna be someone I won't be able to gossip with. Sure, we might have not have to wait as long when we're at Victoria's Secret but hey, let's remember the most positive bits. ;)
We had our big farewell on Sunday evening, a night filled with laughs and tears, with games and food, with craziness and too many pictures. I especially know a few people who are relieved that not all pictures get posted here or anywhere else! Then on Monday a bunch of us gathered at Silver Diner to do it all over again, laughing until crying. Eating until we'd roll out of the restaurant. 
And then came the dreaded day. Mom, I think we all want to thank you for your packing skills that I think even I got. We went from two overweight bags, 57 pounds and 67 pounds, to 49.5 and 50. 45 minutes of repacking, crazy! But we made it, and I guess that's what really matters? 

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