Great Falls Park

Guess what? Today I just thought "what the heck?" Why not a blogpost in English for once? Well, 1. I haven't done one in a very, very long time, 2. it might actually be nice for some friends to understand something for once and 3. it's fun to mess with my grandparents. (Hörrni, titta på bilderna!). Anyways, yesterday we started to make some plans for today, Great Falls Park to be exact. Jose wanted to see it covered in snow, and booooooooy was it pretty! 
Gosh, let me just tell you I'm happy I took the time to go over there with Bettina and Jose. We took an unhealthy amount of selfies, we were rule breakers (haha) and we saw Bambi and his mom. Simply, we had a good few hours. I mean, who can say no to a workout and some quality time with friends at once? Two birds, one stone!